Life After Coming Out

The majority of LGBT fiction is limited to coming out stories, romances, erotica and lesbian murder mysteries. But there's more to life as a gay or trans person than coming out, falling love, having sex and tripping over dead bodies. I want to write these other stories.

Actress Dot-Marie Jones portrays Coach Beiste on Glee

Trans Representation or More Transploitation?

The producers of the television show Glee just announced that the character of Coach Beiste (played by Dot-Marie Jones) has come out as a trans* guy and will be transitioning. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I like that the show feature another transgender character, after Unique Adams (played by Wade Adams) debuted her character in… Read more →

han - the Korean word for lament

Han – The Lament of Injustice

Recently, while marathoning the TV series The West Wing, I watched an episode titled “Han”. In the story, North Korean pianist Jai Yung Ahn is invited to perform for President Bartlet. At their initial meeting, Ahn passes Bartlet a note saying he wants to defect. Unfortunately, granting Ahn asylum could sabotage an ongoing nuclear negotiation between the US and North… Read more →